A Message to Students and Parents

Waco and the Central Texas area have many fine colleges and universities. If you are a student and you encounter legal issues, attorneys Rob Swanton and Philip Frederick are prepared to help you. We are familiar with the local legal scene and will guide and defend you through the entire process, from the time of arrest through the final resolution of your case.


We know this is probably your first encounter with the law, and we are here to explain everything to you and to be your advocate, your friend, and someone who can help relieve some of the burdens you will encounter in the criminal justice system. You will not be alone.


Often, parents are footing the bills for college, and if you allow us to do so, we can also keep your parents informed of what's happening with your case. You have the right to confidentiality, but you also can waive that right under such circumstances.


A Note to Parents
If your child faces serious charges such as possession of illegal drugs, DWI/DUI, or other issues, it is crucial for him or her to have competent, experienced LOCAL legal advice. Criminal convictions, both felony and misdemeanor, can affect your child's job prospects and future. We will do all we can to defend your child against any and all charges he or she faces. Give us a call at 254-757-2082;the first consultation is free.